Application Lead


Vectra Infosys Inc.
    Date: 01/01/2024


Number Of Openings: 1
Position Title: Application Lead
Position Duties: Lead a team of software developers in software development projects. Work closely
with corporate clients to analyze the technical requirements of the project and assist in
functional assessment and design. Provide for design specifications and requirements
analysis. Provide overall strategic planning, infrastructure design, and deployment of
software applications. Lead development in the design project, and work as a focus

point for resolving tough IT issues. Perform integration of applications with multi-
platform products and diverse applications. Involve in the complete project life cycle,

including analysis, design and implementation, and systems testing. Act as liaison
between client and the technical group for resolution and diagnosis of software issues.
Ensure functional specifications and technical requirements are met.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field and Must have 24 months of
experience working in an Agile environment, AWS cloud, and RESTful API. Able to
use JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3, React, Angular, jQuery, Vue.js, and React Native.
Available for employment at various unanticipated work sites in the U.S.

Address &

Vectra Infosys, Inc., 9901 E. Valley Ranch Pkwy., Suite 2044, Irving, TX 75063;
Wage: $120,328 per year. Please contact HR, at the address above, via email at, or by telephone at (682)812-2292 if interested in this position.


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